Frequently Asked Questions

Do your Floats came with rego and wof?

Yes, if the Float is being bought by a limited liability company we can arrange registration or supply your NZTA number.
If the Float is being bought by a private individual you will need to register it yourself as the purchaser must present their ID. We can, however provide you with the forms you need and explain how to go about it. Once registered we can arrange the Wof.
Alternatively when you pick up your Float, we can have the paperwork ready and you can take it to VTNZ located near our sites. Registering and WoF can be done at AA, VINZ or VTNZ.

What does GVM mean?

Gross Vehicle Mass is the combined weight of Float (Tare) and Load (Payload).
As an Example: a trailer with a GVM: 2000kg would have a Tare of 450kg and Payload of 1550 kg.
GVM quoted is for normal road use. Any overloading will void all warranties.

Do I need to do any maintenance on my Float after purchasing?

Yes, this is very important and is outlined in the How to Care for your Float attached to your invoice. This information is also available on our website.

Can you arrange freight?

Yes, we freight throughout NZ. Delivery is to a freight depot closest to you and is very competitively priced.

Do you carry Replacement Parts?

Yes, unlike many of our competitors we do carry replacement parts and pride ourselves on our after sale service and support.

Do you offer a Warranty?

Yes, we do. Please see How to Care for your Float and Terms & Conditions for more details. Please note that the warranty only covers the original purchaser, it does not pass to the next person if you sell the Float.

What Float would be best for me?

If you are unsure we’re happy to help you decide. We are very knowledgeable about our Floats and can help you find the right solution that will best suit your needs.

What is your best price? Are you open to cash offers?

We keep our prices to a minimum and advertise at the best we can offer rather than inflating prices and then offering a discount. The upside is that the one-off buyer gets the same deal as the corporate buyer.

Is a deposit required?

Yes- a minimum of $3000 deposit is required on confirmation of order.

Do you offer Finance?

Yes, we have options through Stadium Finance just click on their link on our Elite front page.

What is the flooring?

Most float manufacturers use Formply for their floors. Elite Floats are constructed with Film Faced Laminated Bamboo Ply which offers superior performance.

The Film Face surface coating provides resistance to moisture, abrasion and fungal attack. The Bamboo Laminate has high strength and is more resistant to decay or age related degradation than conventional Plywood or Formply products. Our 10mm thick Turtle Top rubber is the toughest wearing flooring rubber available, but at the same time providing a cushioned ride to protect your horses legs, tendon and joints.

What can I tow the Float with?

It is important that your tow vehicle is up to the task of towing your Float safely. The vehicle manufacturer will specify the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) your vehicle can tow and your tow bar should be rated to the same weight.

What is the advantage of Electric Brakes?

Electric brakes provide smoother stopping than over-run brakes which rely on inertia of the Float to operate. Electric brakes eliminate the jerky braking when descending hills and the need to lock out the brakes when reversing.
While Electric brakes are a legal requirement for Floats over 2500kg GVM, we specify Electric Brakes for all models of Elite Floats because of their superior performance.

Do you have optional extras?

The Floats are highly specified as standard, however there are a range of modifications and extras that can be added. Floats with modifications will take longer to supply.

What are the stall widths?

These vary from Float to Float – please call us to discuss.