How to Care for your Float

Please note: As of 1st July 2014 new trailers are now issued a 3 year WOF. Because your trailer will not be having regular checks it is imperative that you check your trailer over regularly. We recommend every 6 months.

Regular maintenance is the key and forms part of the warranty guarantee. (See servicing schedule below)

  • There are 2 safety chains on your float. Under law these must be crossed and attached individually to your tow vehicle
  • Bearings to be checked /adjusted after 2 months, from purchase and 6 monthly thereafter
  • Check Wheel Nuts after 2 weeks
  • When not in use for extended periods, it is recommended that the float wheels are rotated monthly
  • Floats should be serviced annually. Check wheel bearings, wheel nuts, u-bolts, shackle bolts, and coupling bolts.
  • Spray hinges and door locks, with CRC or WD-40 monthly in winter, bi- monthly in summer to prevent corrosion. Linseed or olive oil applied to rubber door seal will also prevent the rubber from perishing
  • Do not exceed the recommended Gross Vehicle Mass (the combined weight of float and load) with any float.
  • If possible cover the float or store the float under cover when not in use.
  • Store the float with the front end higher than the rear. This allows any water which may enter the float to run out.
  • Refuse should not be left in the float and after use the float should be cleaned, particularly inside.
  • If you use your float near salt water, corrosive chemicals or materials. Wash it down after use.
  • Do not water blast the decals on the float
  • Please note it is recommended not to travel with the back upper door open


A reminder a Horse Float is wide; please watch your distance from the side of the road. Make sure you are driving on the road not the road verge.
Having your park lights on helps you visualise your width.


The amount of braking that is required is dependent of various things ie: load, road conditions etc.
This can be altered by turning the dial on the on-board brake controller.
Anti-clockwise decreases the braking.
Clockwise increases the braking.
If the brake controller is set correctly your vehicle should not feel like it is being pushed forward or pulled backwards under braking.
If either of these is occurring, it is recommended that you adjust your brake controller to suit.

BRAKE BREAKAWAY ( Float Mounted)

If your float has been fitted with a Brake breakaway unit, this is charged through your aux pin #2 in your 7 pin Float plug. You will be required to have your vehicle wired for this.

WATER PUMP AND TANK (Optional Extra)

This is powered through your aux pin #2 in your 7 pin Float plug. You will need to check that your vehicle is wired for this. This plug needs to be activated.
The pump will switch on automatically when the tap, located on the drawbar, is turned on. Likewise it will turn off when the tap is turned off.
The filler is located on the outside of the front of the float and is key lockable for added security.


These are powered via your vehicle park lights i.e. these will only work when your tow vehicle lights are on.
Please Note: Water Pump and Internal Lights will NOT operate when the float is not connected to the tow vehicle.


Green (1) -Left indicator
Yellow (4) -Right indicator
Red (6) -Brake
White (3) -Earth
Black (2) -Water Pump/ Breakaway Unit – (where fitted)
Brown (7) -Tail
Blue (5) -Electric Brakes (in cab controllers only)


It is important to keep your tyres correctly inflated for the load you’re are carrying (Minimum 50PSI) REMEMBER TO CHECK THE PRESSURE PRIOR TO EACH TRIP


Warranty is for duration of TWO year from the date of Delivery that the Goods will be free from any manufacturers’ faults or defects arising out of reasonable and normal use.

The following provisions apply to this warranty:
(a) It applies only to the original purchaser;
(b) It covers parts or labour, but not freight (freight is on a return to base basis)
(c) It does not cover any damage caused by incorrect or inappropriate use or attempt to repair or alter the Goods;
(d) It does not cover damage or wear caused by accident, neglect, misuse, vandalism or environmental damage.
(e) In order to validate any warranty claim you must have carried out regular and reasonable servicing and maintenance checks on your Float. This must be recorded on the maintenance schedule and copies provided.
Consequential damages will not be covered under the terms of the warranty The warranty does not cover damage to the float or to paint work due to normal wear and tear
Any work undertaken without consultation with Elite will not be covered under warranty
A written Repair Quote must be supplied and approved by Elite Trailers and Floats Ltd prior to any work commencing that is done outside of Elite.
A corresponding Order Number will be provided on approval.
Warranty repair invoices that do not follow this procedure with not be accepted
Please refer to the General Terms and Condition page in your folder

****** If any issues should arise with your Elite Float during the warranty period please contact us as soon as possible on 0800 222 172 to discuss.*****