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Elite by name and elite by nature, the Float company with years of experience. We are a leading NZ supplier with a simple aim to bring you the best quality Horse Float at an affordable price. We know Floats and have a Float to suit most requirements with many optional extras usually only available for the most expensive Floats. We’re also horse people and just like our Floats we go the extra mile. Elite Floats are used by some of the top Racing trainers in NZ. You are welcome to visit our Display yard in Christchurch.

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2 Horse Deluxe Straight Load - Wide Body


Sulky Hooks
$200 per pair


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Blair & Lisa Orange collecting their new Elite Float

Blair and Lisa Orange collecting their new Elite Float.
Blair is one of New Zealand’s leading Harness drivers, he drove a 193 race winners last season and is currently second on this seasons Drivers premiership.
Those of you that know horse floats will be aware that Blair’s father is Alan of the well known and well respected Alan Orange floats.
Alan checked out the Elite floats thoroughly crawling all over and under them, we are pleased that someone with Alan's experience and expertise in the float industry announced an Elite Float was good enough for his Son and Daughter in law.
Lisa’s is going to be the main user of the float with her pony’s, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the odd racehorse might enjoy a trip.